Pros and Cons of Walmart Plus

walmart plus subscription service

Walmart Plus offers extensive membership plans with free unlimited delivery and exclusive discounts on groceries and electronics. Members benefit from in-store conveniences like express delivery and fuel discounts. However, rural areas may face limitations with access to certain perks. To fully understand the value of Walmart Plus, consider its comprehensive benefits and potential drawbacks in different settings.


  • Cost-effective membership options with exclusive benefits.
  • Free unlimited delivery on eligible items for members.
  • Access to exclusive member-only discounts on various products.
  • Convenience of in-store benefits like express delivery and fuel discounts.
  • Potential limitations in rural areas due to infrastructure challenges.

Cost-Effective Membership Options

What are the cost-effective membership options available with Walmart Plus?

Walmart Plus offers two membership options for customers seeking convenient and affordable shopping benefits.

The first option is the monthly membership plan, priced at $12.95 per month. This plan provides members with access to a range of perks, including free unlimited delivery on eligible items, member prices on fuel, and the convenience of mobile scan & go for in-store shopping.

For those looking to save even more, Walmart Plus also offers an annual membership plan at $98 per year. By opting for the annual plan, members can enjoy the same benefits as the monthly plan but at a discounted rate, amounting to just $8.17 per month. This option is ideal for individuals or families who frequently shop at Walmart and can benefit from the cost savings over the long term.

Both membership options provide a cost-effective way for customers to access exclusive benefits and enhance their shopping experience with Walmart Plus.

Free Unlimited Delivery Benefits

Walmart Plus membership includes a valuable benefit of free unlimited delivery on eligible items, enhancing convenience and savings for members. This feature allows members to receive their orders with no additional delivery fees, making it an attractive option for frequent Walmart shoppers.

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With free unlimited delivery, members can save both time and money by avoiding the need to visit the store physically or pay for individual deliveries.

The free unlimited delivery benefit under Walmart Plus offers members the flexibility to order a wide range of products, from groceries to electronics, and have them conveniently delivered to their doorstep. This service is particularly beneficial for busy individuals or families who prefer the convenience of having items delivered directly to their homes.

Moreover, the free unlimited delivery benefit can lead to increased customer satisfaction and loyalty among Walmart Plus members. By providing a cost-effective and efficient delivery option, Walmart enhances the overall shopping experience for its members, setting itself apart from competitors.

Exclusive Member-Only Discounts

Expanding on the benefits of Walmart Plus membership, another notable advantage for members is access to exclusive member-only discounts on a variety of products. These discounts provide members with the opportunity to save money on their favorite items, ranging from groceries to electronics and everything in between. By offering discounts exclusively to Walmart Plus members, the program enhances the overall value proposition for subscribers.

The exclusive member-only discounts available through Walmart Plus can result in substantial savings over time, making the membership fee well worth the investment for frequent Walmart shoppers. These discounts are updated regularly, ensuring that members have access to a rotating selection of deals and savings opportunities.

Furthermore, the exclusive member-only discounts add an extra layer of incentive for individuals considering joining Walmart Plus. By providing access to savings that are not available to non-members, Walmart encourages more customers to sign up for the program and take advantage of the discounts offered exclusively to members.

Convenience of In-Store Benefits

Members of Walmart Plus experience added convenience through the in-store benefits provided by the membership program. These benefits are designed to enhance the shopping experience and make it more efficient for members.

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Here are some key conveniences offered through Walmart Plus in-store benefits:

  • Express Delivery: Members can enjoy fast and convenient delivery options for their in-store purchases.
  • Mobile Scan & Go: This feature allows members to scan items with their smartphones as they shop and check out without waiting in line.
  • Fuel Discounts: Walmart Plus members can save on fuel costs at participating gas stations located at Walmart stores.
  • Priority Shopping: Members have access to dedicated shopping lanes at select stores, reducing wait times during peak hours.

These in-store benefits not only save time but also provide added value to the Walmart Plus membership, making it a convenient choice for frequent Walmart shoppers.

Potential Limitations for Rural Areas

Considering the geographical distribution of Walmart stores, the Walmart Plus program may present potential limitations for residents in rural areas. While Walmart has a vast presence across the United States, with many stores located in urban and suburban areas, rural regions often have fewer Walmart locations. This discrepancy in store density can pose challenges for rural Walmart Plus members regarding accessing in-store benefits such as fuel discounts and scan-and-go shopping.

Moreover, the availability of same-day delivery, a key feature of Walmart Plus, may be limited in rural areas due to longer distances between fulfillment centers and rural addresses. This could result in delayed delivery times for essential items, impacting the overall convenience of the membership for rural residents.

Additionally, the lack of robust infrastructure in some rural areas might lead to issues with order tracking and communication, further hindering the seamless experience that Walmart Plus aims to provide.

Comparison With Other Retail Memberships

In evaluating the Walmart Plus program, it is pertinent to compare its offerings with those of other retail memberships available in the market.

When considering different retail memberships, it's essential to weigh the benefits and drawbacks each program presents.

Here is a quick comparison to help you understand how Walmart Plus stacks up against other retail memberships:

  • Membership Cost: Compare the annual or monthly fees of Walmart Plus with other memberships like Amazon Prime or Target's Shipt.
  • Delivery Options: Evaluate the speed and flexibility of delivery services offered by Walmart Plus in comparison to competitors like Instacart Express or Costco Same-Day Delivery.
  • Additional Benefits: Consider the extra features provided by Walmart Plus, such as fuel discounts or Scan & Go, and see how they compare to perks from other memberships.
  • Product Range: Assess the variety and quality of products available through Walmart Plus and how they measure up against other retailers like Sam's Club or BJ's Wholesale Club.
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Overall Value Proposition Analysis

Upon thorough examination of the Walmart Plus program, the assessment of its overall value proposition reveals key insights into its competitive positioning within the retail membership landscape. Walmart Plus offers a range of benefits that cater to diverse consumer needs, including fast delivery options, fuel discounts, and convenient in-store shopping experiences. By analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of Walmart Plus in comparison to its competitors, consumers can make informed decisions about whether the membership aligns with their shopping habits and preferences.

Value Proposition Strengths Weaknesses
Fast Delivery Same-day delivery on select items Limited availability in some areas
Fuel Discounts Savings on fuel at Walmart & Murphy stations Not applicable for online purchases
In-Store Experience Scan & go for quick checkouts Not all stores offer this feature


To sum up, the pros of Walmart Plus include:

  • Cost-effective membership options
  • Free unlimited delivery benefits
  • Exclusive member-only discounts
  • Convenience of in-store benefits

However, potential limitations for rural areas and comparisons with other retail memberships should be considered when evaluating the overall value proposition.